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dash; a process in which plants combine ca▓rbon dioxide and water and turn them into carbohydrates and oxygen. Sunlight is a bundle of different wavelengths of light across a wide spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared.Plants are "pick▓y eaters that favor blue and red lights", Li said▓. "If we can figure out what ratio and combination of▓ lights are best suited f

or each plant's▓ growth, then we can change or create LED lights that shine ▓at that specific intensity and spectrum, saving lots of e

nergy in the process," he added.While blue and red lights are

the "meat and potatoes" of a plant's growth, s▓cientists notice other spectrums of light a▓lso play a subtle role in maximizing growth and q▓uality.For example, sc

ists can lower the amo

ientists discovered that adding some green light to th

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  • lettuce for patients
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  • roblems or increas
  • e zinc i▓n
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